BarneySwan | Work Experience and Project Portfolio
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Work Experience and Project Portfolio

Sustainable development accelerator, Barney supports regional collaboration and economic growth through immersive storytelling and engagements. Connecting partners from the corporate, educational, agricultural and public sector with toolkits to boost environmental friendly action, at scale. Utilizing IT, virtual reality filmmaking, and multimedia platforms to engage stakeholders. Through ClimateForce, he translates impact strategy, long term commitments, and technical innovations into a relevant story that citizens can understand.


-BNP- 7 part lecture series around Europe, ambassadors on expeditions

-Edelman- World economic forum and UNGA engagements in NYC

-Forbes 30 under 30- Keynote speaker at the Vietnam event

-SAP- Antarctic ambassadors and expo in Silicon Valley 


-Hush tea bar – Engaging 6 Singapore schools on mental health resilience

-Cairns Council- Keynote engagement at the regional youth summit

-Pace Academy- Virtual reality expo and panel discussion at the annual gathering

-TASIS- School talk and Q&A 1 week after reaching the South Pole by ski.


-9 Antarctic expeditions- including 1000km ski journey

-Climbing- Yosemite 10 pitches, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainier. 

-Sailed from South Africa to Brazil- race to the 3rd world summit 

-PADI Divemaster – scuba on the Great Barrier Reef since 2009


-Singularity University annual expo- Virtual reality and keynote

-Wonderfruit Ethos collaboration- tree planting storytelling 

-UNGA- Sustainable Development Future Changemakers panel

-Green Is The New Black- ambassador for green action


-Restore Coral- Ambassador and ocean good practice accelerator

-Miro Forestry- regeneration projects throughout Sierra Leone (10,000 trees)

-Roots and Shoots- planted 2041 trees with Jane Goodall in Tanzania

-One Tree Planted- ambassador and fundraiser 


-CBN- live broadcast in NYC, Chicago and documentary 

-GoalZero- content ambassadorship and  product testing 

-Discovery- content partnership about polar series

-GlobalGoalsCast- podcast series launched at Davos.


-Opus12- tested first sunglasses made out of CO2 to South Pole

-ZeroMassWater- created hot water on a glacier with solar thermal tech

-Notion- decarbonizing software IT fund in the UnitedKingdom

-NASA- collaborated on building solar ice melter system