BarneySwan | Services
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Barney guides business and communities to consider their environmental impact, design a strategy to reduce their impact and tell a hopeful story about what is possible through collaboration. He opensource tangible solutions to protect ecosystems, accelerate green financing, and shift behaviour- all aligning with sustainable development models. He opens doors to act today, feel empowered with resources, and share the inspiration with others.

Professional skills and focus areas

  • Public Engagements: Experience with keynote speeches at corporate events, educational workshops, live-streamed panels, multi-phase school events, festival storytelling, and expo facilitation.

  • Sustainability Consulting: Working directly with businesses, public bodies and 1-1, helping bridge the gap between big-scale impact projects, and the ground-level engagement within employees and broader stakeholders. Designing approaches that convert threat into an opportunity.

  • Expedition Logistics: Managing program operations for international expeditions. Ingraining sustainable standards and empowering people to become stewards for the outdoors.. leave no trace philosophy, and the ancient power of natural systems and processes. 

  • Multimedia production: Skilled in documenting short form productions, including Virtual Reality work, ambassador packages, adventure filming, and writing work. Whether working remotely or managing projects with a team, Barney is capable of following through production until it is ready for distribution.

Past Speaking Engagements