| Barney Swan's little space on the wild web.
It is my attempt to share the story surrounding the mission to reduce our collective impact, and travel with the purpose to give back more than take.
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For anyone curious, it is my hope that this modest website will give you an understanding into what commitment is necessary to lead a cleanup of 326 million tonnes of C02 from our atmosphere before the year 2025. If you would like to know more about my personal biography, Read here


This is all of our’s story, not mine… On November the 15th, 2017, myself and a team of three, will embark on a 1000 Kilometer expedition to the South Pole. Surviving for the first time in polar history only on renewable energy. The South Pole Energy expedition represents the launch of The Climate Force Challenge.

In a business sense, below are my responsibilities which allow me to attempt to achieve this 7 year mission.

Outreach Director -

Managing visual, film, word, and broadcast packages for The ClimateForce Challenge. Point of contact for sponsorship deliverables.

Family Business -

Navigating being a son, and business partner with my Father, Robert Swan. Still learning the so called ‘art’ of a healthy work/life balance.

Logistics -

Responsible for shipping the equipment, technology, and food for our 60 day expedition down to Patagonia.

Financial Management -

As executive director of The 2041 Foundation INC 501C3, it is my duty to manage the budgets and be accountable, in all aspects, to the board of trustees.

Strategy Director -

Strategizing the vision for the The Climate Force Challenge, 2017-2025. Linking projects, and ventures with actionable C02 solutions.

Expedition Leader -

Continued safety, technical, and mentor responsibilities throughout expeditions and projects within all 7 continents.

Captured Inspiration

Findings oneself within the elements balances our lives. Interacting within the outdoors, whether willingly or not, connects one to your surroundings and self. That ‘connection’ is my source of motivation to clean up our rapidly changing environment.

Video Blog

See more of an in-depth view of my current projects by checking out some of the videos on my YouTube channel, including my Vlog.

Quotes to Live By

Personal Mentors

Without the guidance from these humans, I am not sure what would have happened…

Jason Flesher
Outdoor Skills & Leadership
Jeff Bonaldi
Securities & Cash Management
Anne Kershaw
Antarctic Logistics
Hasita Bahmmar
Wildlife Conservation Analyst
Kyle O’Donoghue
Filmmaker and Storyteller
Tyler Barth
Business Strategist
Carolina Sandretto
Photographer & Documenter
Wendy Gendimen
Educator and Teacher


Only through these generous supporters and their belief in our mission, have our ventures & projects been made possible.