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It is my attempt to share the story surrounding the mission to reduce our collective impact, and travel with the purpose to give back more than take.
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Barney Swan is globally recognized in the world of adventure and sustainable development…

Barney Swan traversed 1000 kilometers over 65 days to the South Pole, surviving using NASA designed solar ice melters, lithium batteries, and biofuel made from waste. The carbon positive journey marked the launch of the ClimateForce challenge, a target driven mission to ‘clean-up’ 360 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025. Barney Swan leads this non profit through corporate and educational engagement around the world, bringing actionable solutions, adventure, and passion into the UN’s sustainable development goals. Continue Reading 

Below are 6 ways to reduce your impact as a human-

Grow More -

Whether it be promoting more plants in the office, a community garden, or investing in a forest, we need more green!

Consider the Source -

Use your wallet wisely. Choose for the local brand, support your community, and sustainable products. Think about the logistics and packaging. There is nothing wrong with second hand.

Be effective. Say no -

Make it clear that you do not need something. No more junk mail. No more straws. Use your refillable bottle instead of saying yes to a plastic one.

Eat Wisely -

We make a decision 3 times a day on what to fuel our bodies with. Consider meat alternatives and explore new recipes.

Get creative, educate others -

It can be fun to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Second hand store treasure hunt, making DIY projects out of home resources, or create employee/student inventives.

Become carbon positive -

To reach carbon neutrality with our global emissions, we all need to hold the responsibility to balance out the impact of our lives through plant treeing and/or investing in CO2 capture projects.

Captured Inspiration

Findings oneself within the elements balances our lives. Interacting within the outdoors, whether willingly or not, connects one to your surroundings and self. That ‘connection’ is my source of motivation to clean up our rapidly changing environment.

South Pole Energy Challenge

Watch CBS’s story of our 60-day ski to the south pole powered 100% off renewable energy.

Quotes to Live By

Personal Mentors

Without the guidance from these humans, I am not sure what would have happened…

Jason Flesher
Outdoor Skills & Leadership
Jeff Bonaldi
Securities & Cash Management
Anne Kershaw
Antarctic Logistics
Hasita Bahmmar
Wildlife Conservation Analyst
Kyle O’Donoghue
Filmmaker and Storyteller
Tyler Barth
Business Strategist
Carolina Sandretto
Photographer & Documenter
Wendy Gediman
Educator and Teacher


Only through these generous supporters and their belief in our mission, have our ventures & projects been made possible.